Peter Thomas Designs


Inspired by the simplicity and order of ninety degree angles, the parallel collection is dark, bold and strong featuring solid American black walnut finished to smooth, clean precision. This same penchant for order is followed as the visual warmth and beauty of solid wood is artistically sculpted around hard, cold metal and becomes a visually stunning work of art. These modern furniture style designs are nothing short of astonishing and provide functionality as well as beauty. Developed to provide simplicity and class to your home or office, our modern furniture collection brings a sense of cohesion to your interior design. 


Parallel Dining Table

Dimensions: 96L x 45W x 30H inches
Weight: 425 lbs

Parallel Console

Dimensions: 72L x 18W x 30H inches
Weight: 300 lbs

Parallel Side Table

Dimensions: 20L x 14W x 24H inches
Weight: 60 lbs

Parallel Coffee Table

Dimensions: 60L x 34W x 18H inches
Weight: 300 lbs